Suffer Little Children

  • Keeping you in suspense
  • From Award Winning Psychological Thriller Author

In Suffer Little Children, a dedicated nurse must save herself and the children in her life from an unscrupulous mother with only one motive – saving her terminally ill son, Alex.

Robin Perry has finally found her calling as a nurse and adores Ben, her new beau. But his spoiled children, Amber and Jayden can hardly stand Robin, who has no trouble sharing what’s on her mind. But her caring comes at a price. She turns down Gloria Reyes, an acquaintance of Ben’s who will stop at nothing to get Alex admitted to a cancer study meant for adults. This pushes Gloria to pursue her own agenda and get what she wants. It’s all or nothing.

Nobody seems to be on Amber’s side, until she meets Gloria and befriends Alex. There’s a dark side to Gloria that impacts her relationship with Alex and Amber comes to fear he’s in danger. But the stakes are already higher. Gloria’s threatening behavior escalates and Robin must protect the children while finding a way to save her career and her relationship with Ben. When a family secret becomes exposed, Robin discovers the stakes are even higher than she imagined.


A gripping new domestic noir novel told by award-winning psychological thriller author and veteran psychologist Freda Hansburg whose deep understanding of psychopathology helped her create convincing yet flawed characters in Shrink Rapt(2020) and the award-winning psychological thriller book Tell on You (2017).

“A riveting story that will keep you intrigued until the very last page.”

Charleann Davis, VINE VOICE.


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