Freda Hansburg

Freda Hansburg (@fredahansburg) is a psychotherapist and psychological suspense author. She is the author of Suffer Little Children, Shrink Rapt and Tell on You. Learn more about Freda’s work on Twitter, Facebook and on BookBub

What Matters to Me in my Work Right Now

Medical and psychological thriller novels are the stories you can’t put down.  I write suspense stories about people ensnared by dark circumstances and fighting inner demons.

As a psychologist, I know what it is to be human – to be afraid, fall in love, make mistakes.  I’ve listened to many stories.  Readers ask, do I write about my patients?  The answer is, I never share case histories.  But I draw on experience and bone-deep compassion to create characters and situations, conflicts and dilemmas that are true-to-life, as well as thrilling.

  • Like a married schoolteacher under the fatal spell of his beautiful student.
  • A psychiatrist who plants dangerous hypnotic suggestions in his patients.
  • People who tell lies and people who fall prey to them.

And my thrill as a psychological thriller author is to take you along for a wild ride.


I’ve been writing since I was old enough to hold a pen, an English Lit major who worked in journalism and publishing.  I grew up in New York and, in grade school, received a medal from the mayor for my essay in a citywide contest.  What I loved most about literature was taking a deep dive into the mind and heart of the characters – recognizing the motives that drove them and their stories.  Writing a novel was my lifelong dream, one I had to grow into.

Making a career shift and training as a psychotherapist was a natural choice, an opportunity to become an even more polished observer of human nature.  My years as a therapist, teacher, trainer, consultant and program director in community, academic and medical settings have brought me full circle, back to what I most love to do – create compelling stories of psychological suspense.  I bring to life characters driven to the brink, who must rise above their fears to survive. Resemblance to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental.


Personal Details

After living and working in the northeast I retired from my psychology practice and moved to the beautiful South Carolina Lowcountry to devote myself fully to writing.  I now live in a villa overlooking the Intracoastal on Hilton Head Island – an idyllic setting for a writer.  When I’m not working on my suspense novels, you’ll find me on the Pickleball court or sitting on the dock, watching dolphins cavort.

By Dr Freda Hansburg

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