The Biggest Unsolved Murder that Shocks an Entire Medical Community

Shrink Rapt

By Freda Hansburg


“Shrink Rapt” – “A complex psychological thriller with a touch of romance.  It is also a story about betrayal and recovering trust.  Absolutely engrossing”.

Sidney Nesti,
author of the Rose Prophecy series..


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The medical thriller Shrink Rapt takes the reader into the halls of academic medicine, setting death, betrayal and romance against a real-life backdrop of the fraught alliance between medical research and Big Pharma.  Psychologist and medical thriller author Freda Hansburg treats themes of abandonment, sexual trauma, abuse and addiction with a deft and sensitive hand.  If you love good murder mystery books, you’ll love this rich cast of characters replete with likely murder suspects, providing twists, suspense and a stunning climax.

Freda Hansburg

/ Author

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for you to enjoy

APRIL COULDN’T BELIEVE SHE’D ventured this far.

At least the dating website, Go Cupid, was a freebie, so April hadn’t invested more than the time she should have devoted to her long overdue research proposal.  Instead, she’d spent the afternoon working her way through a maze of inane screening questions.  How much did astrological sign matter to her in a potential match?  Not at all.  Had she had even one puff on a cigarette in the last month?  No.  How long did she hope her next relationship would last?  She wondered if anyone actually selected the “Just One Night” option.  Providing her e-mail address gave her qualms, but that was required.  Would strange men begin stalking her inbox?

AT 6:15 ON SUNDAY evening, the only fifth floor office with its lights on was Lowell Morgenstern’s.  Even the senior faculty spent part of their weekends at home.  Morgenstern worked hard, but he played hard, too.  Right now, he eagerly awaited a visitor.

Da da da DAH da.  Da da da DAHda.

Instead of the hoped-for footfalls outside his door, Morgenstern heard the sound of his cellphone.  Not just any ringtone, but the Wagnerian strains that signaled an incoming call from his wife.  Tempted to ignore it, he decided instead to get the conversation over with, before he became otherwise engaged.

THE START OF THE work week, a time for making promises to yourself.  Resolutions to try harder, produce more, screw up less.  En route to Franklin, April vowed to do all three.  Try harder.  Develop more self-discipline.  Produce a decent research proposal.

Drink less.

Not the first time she’d set those goals.  About to cross Vine Street, a hand closed around the back of her neck, startling her.  The grip released as she whirled around.

“Damn it, Chris, you scared me!”  The tall, dark-haired man smirked at her.  “Are things so quiet at the psychiatric emergency service that you have time to accost women on the street, Dr. Willis?”

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